About Point-Of-Sale (POS) Advertising and Great Design Examples

Point-of-sale or also known as POP (Point-of-Purchase) advertising is category in Marketing communication specialized for sales promotion to attract shoppers. This kind of advertising serves as a promoter-reminder for the loyal customers and also can be used for promotion of special events. The goal is to create short-term impact preserving the long-term brand name and short increase of selling products. The POS communication attempts to influence customer buying decisions, and also presenting the products to new customers to convey primary brand benefits. In today’s Advertising industry using the latest technology, creativity overcomes the standards.

Using this kind of promotion requires careful coordination with the marketer’s sales statistics. This research is must-do for every Advertising agency in order to deliver effective Point-of-sales brand promotion.

Most common noted results in POS promotion is to draw consumers attention to the brand that is presented. To remind and maintain purchase activity among loyal customers and attracting new ones. Also, to stimulate trial use for the promoting brand in target audience that uses competitive brands. The most important thing is to maintain the brand image that is developed already by advertising. The time frame for using POS advertising usually is predefined by the campaign and the story behind it.

Also is good to know that Point-of-sale or Point-of-purchase strategy belongs to the category Direct Marketing.

Small example of POS advertising creativity and ideas:

Adidas point of sale


New Amsterdam Gin

Wii Promo Material



Sonangol motor oil products

Campbell's Soup: Hunger installation

Reebok Deutschland: Butterflies

Miss Vickies

HPP Saúde


stand / sg-pam portugal

Hpp Stand Proposal

C-it modular system


HPP information desk

Music Spot

la Rural

Danesita - ISM 2009

Design Industrial

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