The process of building a custom home involves making a lot of tough decisions. A lot of the crucial decision making happens during the design phase. Families need to get creative during the discussions that take place during the design phase.

It is important to be under control even after hiring a good custom home designer and the builder. The designer or the builder cannot dream for you. You need to give them inputs and the professionals would then execute them. I have seen a lot of people just give all of the responsibilities to the professionals and don’t do anything. This is not always a good approach. As the homeowner, you need to take some responsibilities too. More importantly, you need to be the primary decision maker of the project. When you oversee the whole custom home building project by taking control, you will not have any regrets later on once the project is complete.

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Not many people know the importance of visiting the construction site of a custom home project every day. In fact, I know people who would visit the site multiple times in a day – morning, afternoon and evening. At the same time, I know people who would hardly visit the site. Of course, the current pandemic situation has affected our lifestyle and plans in a big way and some people may feel that it may not be safe to visit construction sites. But, you need to figure something out. After all, it is your hard earned money which you are investing in the project and if you don’t care about it, the contractors working on the project could care a lot less.

There is one downside to visiting the custom home construction site too often though. The contractors and workers working in the construction site may not be thrilled with it. Of course, it varies from builder to builder and it is worth checking with your builder on this point even before the commencement of the project. As far as I know, most builder would be fine with it.

Finding a trustworthy architect for your new custom home project is of paramount importance. I have noticed many cases where the client simply trusts the custom home builder without hiring an architect which can turn out to be a big mistake. The importance of an architect can never be more emphasized, particularly for a custom home. The architect whom you hire should be experienced and knowledgeable.

The guidance of an architect can go a long way in making sure that the custom home turns out as per the expectations of the client. The architect can give a lot of inputs with regard to the structural possibilities of the construction. The client may want a certain feature in the custom home but its the architect who would confirm about the possibilities.

Choosing an architect is not always so easy. However, with the advent of the internet, finding an architect online has made things easier. Of course, you may also want to talk to your custom home builder before finalizing on the architect.


You may be confused whether to remodel your existing home or demolish it and construct a brand new custom home altogether. You might ask your builder on what to do. It actually depends upon what your dream home is. If, by remodeling your home, it is possible to achieve your dream home, then remodeling is the best option. If not, then building a new custom home is a better option and can even turn out to be much cheaper.

You need to analyze the pros and cons of both the options. You need to sit with your custom home builder and perform a thorough analysis before deciding on what you want to do. First of all, you need to do the cost analysis. After doing the cost analysis, it that particular exceeds your budget, then you may have to eliminate that option. Then time is another important factor. Your builder can give you a more accurate picture of how long the project would take to complete. After listening to your builder, you can then decide what you want to do.

Building a new custom home can be highly exciting. It is an opportunity for you to express yourself. However, if you have never built a home before, then it can be scary too. You need to set your priorities right before the commencement of the custom home project.

Having a fixed budget before commencing the project is of paramount importance. You need to be clear about the features you want and do not want and set the budget accordingly. You need to firmly communicate your budget to the builder in charge of the project.

Choosing a custom home builder is a big task in itself. The choice of the builder can make or break your project. You should make sure to choose a reputed builder. In a place like Las Vegas, there is no better custom home builder than Merlin Custom Home Builders.

You should not compromise on the plan of the home. It would not hurt to hire a home designer and create a plan for the custom home before commencing the construction of the home. 

These are some of the most important considerations for building a custom home.

You may have purchased a vast plot of land in the countryside and you would have been interested in building a custom home on that plot of land. Designing a floor plan is the primary task one has to undertake while building a custom home. Building a dream home is all about designing the home just like you wish.

You cannot build a dream custom home without a good builder. You can talk to your friends or colleagues if they know good custom builders. You can browse on the internet to find if there are any good builders who operate in your locality. You have to be careful while choosing a builder. Without a good builder, the whole project can turn into a horror story. You should look through the reviews of more than one builder on the internet from reliable sources.

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If you are a new home buyer looking to get a custom luxury home constructed, you should hire a custom builder whom you can trust. The builder should be highly experienced and have the ability to communicate with the client properly. Building a complete new custom home is a lot different than simply remodeling an existing home. Hence, the builder should have experience building a good number of custom homes from scratch. As a matter of fact, your criteria for choosing a custom builder should be quite strict. You cannot simply go with any random custom home builder.

Any client would want to live in a house which would be durable for many years. The builder should have the skills to build a durable home which would last for years to come. The materials used by the builder for construction should be top quality. The builder should use modern, energy-efficient home construction practices.

The builder should be quite transparent with the client. Merlin custom home builders is one such builder who is truly transparent with excellent communication.

A good custom home builder would always be known for his uniqueness. The building company should be able to incorporate hybrid construction techniques to make sure that they build unique custom homes. The building company should be highly experienced. The company should have been in the business of constructing custom homes for at least 10 years.

The custom home construction company should be able to provide different clients with different kinds of custom homes. Even though they can maintain their own unique style, they should still be able to churn out unique looking custom homes for different clients. Versatility is an important feature of a good custom home construction company.
The construction company should have a modern team which is well versed with all the latest techniques of constructing a great luxury custom home. The company should be able to provide the services at competitive prices and also should be able to complete the project within reasonable duration.
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The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. The economy throughout the world has fallen down a great deal. Every single sector out there has been deeply affected by this pandemic. The real estate industry has also taken a big hit. In the last few months, the number of transactions has drastically come down. However, this need not be a deterrent for custom home buyers. As a matter of fact, this is the right time for people interested in a custom home to go ahead and take advantage of the lower costs throughout the industry.

Real estate is heavily in favor of home buyers. The interest for Home loans has reduced. So, the time is ripe for custom home buyers to go for loans to finance their dream home projects. This is also the perfect time to bargain with builders, contractors and architects to get their services for lower costs. Of course, some of the top notch custom home builders in the country wouldn’t like to lower their prices for any reason. But, that’s alright. Good custom home builders are a rare breed and you wouldn’t want to bargain with them too much.

Hiring a custom home builder in Las Vegas is not an easy process. You have to make sure to hire a trustworthy builder. Without trust, a large project such as custom home construction is doomed to fail. If you do not know any custom home builder, you need to discuss with the industry experts and get recommendations. You might also want to ask your friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Once you have a list of recommendations, you need to schedule interviews with them to find out if any of them would suit your project.

You need to have a checklist or a list of questions to ask while interviewing a custom home builder. In order to do that, you need to read up about custom home construction yourself and get familiar with some of the common terms and subjects associated with custom home construction. Without doing this, your interviews with the custom home builders would be useless. If you cannot go through this yourself, you might want to take the help of someone who is good at interviewing people.

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