Using Stronger Pheromones

“Beth, you’re one in a million. Most women live with men who are too weak and too fearful to tell the truth about who they really are. Try to listen, try to understand… Isn’t a harsh, but wholesome honesty better than the illusion of sickly-sweet fiction?” His fingers trembled as his head angled toward the paper. She sighed. “Go on. You have five minutes to use pheromones, and then I have to go out.” Russell continued: Sex pheromones and love are like oil and water: often found floating on top or under the other, but not mixing. 1, and my male brethren, do not equate love with sex. In fact, we are comfortable loving one woman and having sex with others. Learn more about pheromones at and with multiple women is cheating, but only so because women unfairly penned the rulebook. Men are, in the deepest recesses of our mind, accomplishing the innate task imposed upon us by nature. This primal impulse is not originating in the conscious mind or heart, but from a place embedded in each man; it is the universe acting through us with stronger pheromones. “Okay, I think I’ll have that drink now.” Beth laughed nervously. “I’m not sure I can take this seriously or not.” “Good, this will be goo or our marriage. You’ll learn more about me.” “You’re not listening. Please, listen to me. Sex and love might not always go hand in hand—yes. .. but, listen…” “Go on,” she sighed deeply. “I don’t like where this is going one bit, though, just for the record.” “Mmm” He shuffled his papers and continued: During the hunt, my senses peak on extreme vigilance and I chase with no specific direction in mind. A dangerous itch consumes me while I search along a pathway etched with invisible foot prints. A yearning in my loins directs me, involuntarily led by the night’s secrets. Waves of lust gush over my essence, aiming me toward an unknown engorged clitoris. I sniff out a conduit, pursuing prey in heat. I’m seduced headlong; bounding me to the hunt. “Russell, where is the part that I’m going to like?” She took a big gulp of her cocktail. “I’ve worked on a long time on this, so just enjoy,” Russell felt powerful that he was finally telling. “Don’t piss me off,” Beth pointed a straightened finger toward his head. Russell read more: I see a dark alley, a shady wooded area, or a dilapidated dive of a club, and sense the loot is in there. In my attempt to sleep, the energy devours my mind, stuffing it with visceral masculinity. I awake from a lusty dream Night has fallen. It is dark in my room, pitch black, but I know the woman sleeping softly next to me has not roused. “Christ, Russell, you sound like a total idiot. Do Ihave to listen to this crap?” She slapped one palm on her thigh and straightened her spine. Learn more about pheromones at