Some months are great for using pheromones

Some months are great for using pheromones, other months are terrible. Response rates are very good during this time (in January they’re fantastic) and it’s easy to get women out to first dates. These days I pretty much only do blitzes between January and May. Learn more about pheromones at and May I don’t even bother, and enjoy my relationships instead. Be sure to wait until January 2nd to do blitzes though; on Jan 1st everyone is still relaxed, unmotivated, and often hung over from New Years. Summer (June through August) Summer is noticeably tougher than Jan-May, but still workable. Response rates are okay in the summer, but actually getting women face-to-face on a real life date during the summer months is often a nightmare with cheap pheromones. During this time of year, women are vacationing, traveling, boating, camping, hiking, going to parties, hosting visiting family members, and taking care of their kids if they have them (who are not in school and thus require more of their time). Online dating is still perfectly doable in the summer months (I’ve had many successes during this time) but it’s going to be more time consuming and you’re going to need a bit more patience. September “Back to school, back to work” time is just as tough as summer in terms of getting women out to first dates. Again, doable, just a little harder . October through November These early winter months range from good to great. No one is traveling much (outside of Thanksgiving in the US towards the end of November) and women don’t want to face the holidays “single,” so these are typically good months for online dating. December The worst time of the year by far. Don’t even bother sending out openers after December 15th. I mean it. Response rates and date-scheduling during the last two weeks of December are dreadful. Don’t waste your time. Instead, use December as a month to write a new bio, get some new pictures taken, and let the women “pile up.” Get everything ready to go, then on January 2nd start your 24/24 blitzes. Then you’ll be happy with pheromones. A lot of guys who have read my pheromone books in the past will end their openers with a sentence like this even when their profile isn’t jerky at all and is actually somewhat nice. All this will do is confuse women and damage your success rates. So don’t say this stuff if your profile isn’t jerky. 8 . Sign your opener. Sign off with either your first (real name) or the first letter of your name. Testing has shown that response rates go up when you sign your openers like this. Should you use your name or your first initial? It depends on your goals and the site/apps you’re using. With hookup sites/apps, use a letter. When dating women within your own age range, use a letter. When on a more casual, social-media like site ( OKCupid is a good example), use your name. When you’re an older guy hitting up much younger women, use your name. If you’re looking for a relationship rather than a hookup, use your name. 1 . Use her first name or profile name. This takes a little extra time but will boost response because it makes it look like you’re not a spammer and that you actually read her profile (even if you didn’t). Learn more about pheromones at