Do I need to eat so much sugar? Should I stop eating all this sugar? Sugar is an addictive substance and most of the Western population are hooked on it. Just look at the number of sweets and chocolate bars there are that you can buy from shops.

I recently came across a blog about getting life assurance when you have Type 1 diabetes ( Such posts can scare people because everyone eats sugar and no one wants to get diabetes. Hence my post wondering if I should stop eating so much sugar.

Of course there are alternatives to eating sugar – stuff like aspartame etc, but I have a deep distrust of this because it is a chemical based and will be full of rubbish. I’m actually trying to eat a healthily and possible and take exercise everyday. I’m doing well on the exercise as I have two dogs who get me out at least once a day for a decent walk. The eating more healthy is more difficult.

Over the years I’ve developed a sweet tooth due to sugar and this is the first week where I’ve been trying hard to cut it out. You get cravings for something sweet – like chocolate but you just have to been strong. The way I’ve dealt with it is to start eating fruits that contain natural sugars like apple and oranges. So far so good. I believe you get to a stage and the craving isn’t so bad. I’m a couple of days in so far and hope I’ll stay the course and kick my sugar craving.

To indulge my chocolate love for just a moment, if I could have a choice of chocolate bars I’d choose Snickers or Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. Wonderful !