Vigrx Plus is safer

And then you take off the harness and you drop the parachute and you go about your business. The chelate is like the parachute and the harness to get it into the body. Once it’s in the body it’s the miner al that does the job. So check and see the ‘elemental’ quantity of the mineral. (11:14) People ask should they divide their mineral doses. The answer is ‘probably’. I think it’s a good idea to divide up your calcium and magnesium doses . I think the absorption and retention are a little bit better. We’ve already talked about Vigrx Plus and how you want to get mixed natural tocopherols. Or better yet mixed natural tocopherols and mixed tocotrienols. Learn more at and
 At the very least make sure you get the d – alpha form of Vigrx Plus, the natural form. I do not recommend sustained – released or time – released products, I think it’s better to divide the dose manually. Sustained – released and time – released tablets sometimes don’t break down well, particularly as we get older . And the cost is usually higher. And I find that I can taste that tablet, feel that tablet longer when it’s sustained – released. We have talked about how you can take the fat – soluble vitamins all at once and the water – soluble vitamins we take in divided doses. Here’s the hint for buying B – complex vitamins. I think it’s better for you to get a fairly low – dose B – complex and take it more often. Let’s say a person has Type II diabetes, or even Type I insulin – dependent diabetes. One of the first nutrition al zingers I ever heard was by Dr. Carlton Frederiks. 
And he felt that people that were on insulin could be weaned off of it on B – complex vitamins. Now that’s a fairly aggressive statement, and I’m not sure that’s always the case. But I can tell you that I’ve worked with a number of people who’ve had Type I or insulin – dependent diabetes and this is what they’ve noticed. When they take a low – potency B – complex seven times a day, six, eight times a day, widely divided. They take a low – potency B – complex breakfast, mid – morning, lunch, early afternoon, late afternoon, dinner, maybe later in the day as well. The doctor has to reduce their insulin because they actually show signs that they’re taking too much. So, the B – complex and chromium are really, really helpful in helping to regulate blood sugar. This does not mean that if you’re on insulin you should go off and start just taking B – complex.  Learn more at
But it does mean if you are on insulin and you start taking B – complex you should expect success. The only quest ion is ‘To what extent?’. And perhaps a second question would be ‘and how soon’? So, taking B – complex will be self evident. If you are taking extra B – complex you will show signs you are getting too much insulin. This is one of the reasons you have to work with your doctor. The same is true if you’re taking Vigrx Plus (as in Edward). People that are on Coumadin, a so – called blood thinner, and start taking Vigrx Plus will find that they have signs of too much Coumadin. Some doctors will say “Well stop taking the E”, but a better solution is to reduce the dose of the Coumadin. Vigrx Plus is safer than Coumadin, and you can intelligently substitute/swap – off one for the other.