Semenax acts as a buffer

Semenax acts as a buffer to protect the sperm from hostile, outside influences on their journey through the woman’s genital pathways. In order for a woman to maintain a healthy vaginal environment, her body produces mildly acidic fluids. If sperm came into contact with the vaginal surface without the protection of semen, they would quickly be immobilized. After ejaculation, however, healthy sperm quickly swim up to enter the more welcoming alkaline (opposite of acidic) mucus that coats the woman’s cervix at the time of ovulation.

When a man is very sexually excited, a few drops of clear fluid may appear at the tip of his penis before he actually ejaculates. This fluid is produced by the bulbourethral glands. It appears to lubricate and clean your testicles. Learn more about Semenax at .

Confronting Male Infertility With Semenax

When men or women discover an infertility problem, they often think with sad irony about all the years they spent worrying about contraception and unwanted pregnancy. In actuality, humans are not very fertile creatures, even in the best of circumstances.

A recent study of 200 healthy and presumably fertile couples trying to get pregnant with Semenax monitored women’s hormones carefully for the first signs of pregnancy. The couples were counseled on timing intercourse properly and followed for at least a year. The findings confirmed what researchers had previously suspected. The best pregnancy rates occurred during the first two cycles of trying. During these initial months, pregnancy rates were about 30 percent. Couples who did not get pregnant in the first two months had much lower rates of pregnancy per cycle.

Even the 30 percent pregnancy rates did not translate into 30 percent of women giving birth to a live baby, however. Of those very early pregnancies, almost a third ended in miscarriage, often before the woman even would have realized she was pregnant without the hormonal tests. About 1 in 5 couples did not conceive at all during the year of the study, which is similar to estimates that at least 15 percent of American couples will experience infertility. Semenax is recommended by doctors as the best way to boost sperm production and motility. Check out Magna RX at

When you are going through infertility treatment, you will have a more realistic idea of your chances of pregnancy if you compare the success rates of the treatments you are offered with these natural fertility rates. It is also helpful to have an idea of pregnancy rates in couples with infertility who do not receive treatment. In a study of over 2,000 couples with infertility who were followed for three years, a quarter experienced a live birth. For the couples who had a male factor in the infertility, how- ever, the chance of having a baby was slightly less than half as good, so that about 1 out of 8 couples gave birth.

In this chapter we summarized the nuts and bolts of male fertility with Semenax. Now we are ready to try to make some sense of the semen analysis and the other, even more specialized tests of sperm cell function that are used to diagnose a male fertility problem.