Male Supplement Risks

These are garden variety over the counter, safe drugs, Advil, Tylenol, the generic versions Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Aspirin. These are relatively safe drugs. Over the counter, they’re not even prescription. And even they, in moderate overdose, can cause a stomach bleeding and other health problems. Whereas with vitamin C, the number one side effect is failure to take enough of it. And the number two side effects is failure to take it frequently. Now here is the third thing, that’s duration . Like the campfire with kindling temperate, fuel and oxygen, the triad for vitamin C is: quantity , frequency and duration . Not only do you have to divide the dose and take enough, but you have to keep taking it. You have to take the vitamin C long enough for it to work. Learn more at and
This is an easy concept because most people know if they take maintenance medication. They might be taking it for months or years at the t ime. Nobody ever said if you’re feeling crummy take a couple of Prozac and then don’t take it again for a month or two. People don’t take, at least they don’t rightly take, antibiotics that way either. If you have a problem that an antibiotic can help , your health practitioner will tell you, you are not to take the antibiotic for just a day or two until you feel better; you have to take the full course. Eight days, 10 days, 14 days, whatever it might be. So, there’s a right and a wrong way to do pr etty much anything, and with vitamin C it’s quantity, frequency and duration. Now let’s talk about comfort. We’ll talk about patient comfort. That’s important. People ask me what form of vitamin C should I take. Not what brand now, but what form . And the answer is, “Whatever is comfortable for you”. Most people can take plain old ascorbic acid. Learn more about male supplements at
Now I know it sounds sinister. Ascorbic acid but that fact of the matter is, ascorbic acid is a weak acid along the lines of lemon juice. If you ca n drink a soft drink or have balsamic vinaigrette dressing on your salad, there’s a pretty good chance you can handle vitamin C. If you can handle oranges, and cranberries, or whatever without any complaint, you probably can take vitamin C. Particularly if you take it with liquid between meals, or with food at a meal. Sometimes though, people are very sensitive to vitamin C and even though your stomach acid is about 45 times stronger than vitamin C, some people still feel that the vitamin C causes som e distress. That’s true, by the way. If you’ve ever vomited especially if it’s an empty stomach. Well, empty except for the stomach acid, you can feel the stomach acid coming up your throat and it hurts. If people have a problem with reflux, if they a re constantly regurgitating that stomach acid, it can damage and scar their esophagus, their throat. Stomach lining is equipped to deal with stomach acid but your throat kind of isn’t. There’s not much your stomach can’t handle. It is used to handling very, very acidic juices, it’s own secretions.